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A student who practices fortitude perseveres in their commitment to do what is good and right even when it requires personal sacrifice. They will maintain focus on “the prize” and be able to achieve their goals. Fortitude is built upon courage and resilience.  When life gets tough, fortitude provides the strength needed to overcome trials and adversity!



A student who shows aroha will be generous and helpful. They will be open to all and act for the good of others (with no gain for self). God is Aroha. It is Christ like and not influenced by changing societal norms. ‘Love one another’ is Jesus’s message to us and reflects our Catholic character.


A respectful student will be honest, hardworking and responsible. They will be polite at all times and generous to the needs of others. They will represent the school with pride, and take pride in their own work and appearance. They will act with integrity.


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