BYOD began at the start of 2017 for Year 6-8 students.

Minimum Device Specifications

  • Dual or Quad Core Processor

  • 2 GB Ram

  • 32 GB Hard Drive (solid state recommended)

  • Wireless, but 3G/4G connectivity strictly prohibited!

  • 9.7” or larger screen. iPad mini’s or similar devices may be considered but only when accompanied by a full size keyboard (bluetooth or wired)

  • Any operating system is acceptable - but it must run Google Chrome web browser

  • Students should have their own (named) set of headphones or earbuds

Those who don’t have a device

In 2017 and 2018 the school / BOT will endeavor to provide devices for those students who can’t provide their own.

Before use “Warrant of Fitness”

To ensure that students are bringing in devices that will aid and not hinder their learning it has been recommended we get our technician to complete a quick check of student devices. Checking the specifications, speed, virus check and that the harddrive is free of inappropriate material e.g. pirated movies, inappropriate images or videos etc… At this step the technician will also connect the device to the school network and install appropriate printer drivers.

School Wifi Only

Students will not be permitted to have devices that can directly connect to the internet (e.g. via a mobile network). Students will also be prohibited from using USB flashdrives. As these can be used to introduce viruses and also share inappropriate files, images or videos. Students will not connect to the school server - rather directly link filtered internet via our wireless system. Students who have mobile phones are required to hand these to their classroom teacher at the beginning of the day at which point they will be locked away (to avoid “hotspotting”).

Google Docs/Hapara and Gmail

The school will roll our “Hapara Dashboard” to our Y4 - 8 classes. Hapara dashboard links in with Google Drive to allows teachers to share files and information directly with students. It also has the ability to monitor students screens… so all computers working in a given class can be monitored by the teacher from one central computer.

Hapara also means that our students don’t need to have gmail. Students with google accounts in 2017 will have the email tool turned off within the Google admin console. This is in recognition that having and email address is actually a huge responsibility and also huge liability. Personal email addresses mean students can access a world of things online that they don’t really need. They will still have the ability to use the other Google Apps for Education like: Google - Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites and Blogger.

Device Safety

  • Student owned devices should not stay at school overnight, they should be transported in suitable secure cases/bags and are done so at the owner’s risk. Parents are encouraged to consider accidental damage cover when purchasing devices (most BYOD suppliers provide this)

  • School owned devices must stay at school overnight

  • Students are not permitted to use their devices during break times (they should be outside and active)

  • During break times both school and student owned devices must be left in the classroom and the classroom must be locked whenever a teacher is not present

  • Overnight, school owned devices will be in locked charging cabinets

  • Classrooms with BYOD to have simple security camera’s installed as an extra deterrent to theft

Responsible Use Agreement

At the beginning of the year before they are allowed to use their own (or borrowed device) they must complete this and have it signed by a parent. There will be some specific teaching linked with this document.

Parent Resources

BYOD opens up many opportunities for your children - however, these opportunities come with associated risks. Some resources to help navigate these risks can be found at:

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