Religious Education at St Joseph's Rangiora

Catholic schools exist because of their Special Character, and Religious Education is integral the Special Character of Catholic schools. It is the learning area that develops students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes in keeping with the gospel values of Jesus Christ. This is basis of the philosophy of Catholic education that aims to shape the way of students will live their lives. It is in Religious Education that students learn what it means to be Catholic and how they can take their place as members of the Catholic Church. At the heart of Religious Education is the fostering of the spiritual lives of students and the development of their relationship with God.

Over the course of the year, each class will study six Learning Strands. These are designed to increase the children's knowledge and skills in Religious Education and help them develop Christian attitudes. The six strands are: God; Jesus Christ; The Holy Spirit; Church; Sacrament and Communion of Saints. Each year the strands build on what has been learnt in previous years.

Also studied are three Learning Modules, each of which is an important area of essential knowledge. The modules are: The Liturgical Year; Prayer, and Sacramental Celebrations. The Programme also contains a handbook entitled Myself and Others, which gives teachers the Catholic Perspective on the Health Curriculum.

Student Religious Education Book

These books provide an important link between the home and the school. They are sent home regularly and parents are to be encouraged to discuss the learning activities with the children and to

write a comment at the end of each strand.

Classroom Prayer

Our students begin each day with class prayer. As a class the students are able to express their faith and share their prayer intentions with each other. Students also participate in prayers and grace at times throughout the day.

School Masses

Our student’s experience of Liturgy is an important part of their faith development and every effort will be made to ensure that all Liturgies/Masses are memorable for children. Students are actively involved in these to develop a sense of participation and ownership. We celebrate regularly throughout the year as a full school and within classes.

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